What I Write: A Shortlist

Myself with my child at the beach, 2013.

I’m a beach mom, a chef’s spouse, a literature academic, and parent to a wonderful autistic child. These four facets of my life inform my essays, lyrical prose, and occasional poetry.

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Below is a shortlist of my writing by publication and topic. I constantly update it.

My Publications

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The beach as material, metaphor, and memory. I’m a beach mom, and the beach mothered me. My consciousness, my inner landscape, resembles the beach in its ebbs and flows, in its shifting lines, in its unstable weather.

My Motherhood on the Beach
Moon. Womb. Sea
Boracay Island: Postcards from the Past and Present
Books and the Beach

A chef’s wife writes about home, food, and work. I wrote my way into forming a profound, even mystical, connection to food-as-language — oral, gastric, and poetic — with the help of my chef husband whose sensorial world differed from my dryer, more abstract world of words and books.

Coupling the Culinary and Literary Arts
The Depth and Drama of Dark, Grilled Vegetables
Pork Bone Tea Soup (Bak Kut Teh)

Unwhole, unfit, unclassifiable pieces. This is where I write about literature, where I experiment intellectually and creatively. I linger on themes like plurality, ambiguity, temporality, etc., and weave them into the ordinariness of my daily life.

My Family in Parallel Universes
Cat in the Moonlight
Returning to Many Old Notebooks, Many Old Selves
Living With the Stranger Within

Discovering neurodiversity with my child. I opened this fourth publication for an emerging side of me as a mother to an autistic toddler. I’ve lately become aware of how “autism moms” tend to write about their autistic children in ableist ways without realizing it, or without giving as much thought to what adult autistics say compared to doctors, therapists, and allies.

I’d like to track my growing knowledge and openness to this fascinating, magical, and deeply unsettling world (for good reasons!) of the neurodivergent and the neurodiverse.

Multiple Paths to Understanding Autism

Featured Work

Medium has kindly featured my work, twice. Here they are:

Letter to Students Who Are Struggling With Their Studies, in Age of Awareness
All That Hair, in The Lyrical Beach



Beach mom. Chef's wife. Literature prof, writer.

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