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Self-publishing to play

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How living simply and close to nature reset us for minimalist parenting in the big city

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A locked-down child’s perspective

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Overcoming the trauma of growing up a neglected child

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A listicle

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  1. It would be presumptuous of me to think that what works for me universally works for others.
  2. I’m not a clinician, therapist, or consultant with extensive client experience. I’m not a life coach, preacher, or guru. I’m a storyteller. I presume readers can pick whatever lesson from a story that’s particularly relevant to them— if there were any, at all.
  3. I am, however, a teacher by profession. The best ones among us are too aware of the limits of what they teach, they hardly make guarantees of anything. They teach by example, not by prescription.
  4. In writing as in life…

You are what you repeatedly write about

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There are two kinds of fear. One you can overcome, and another you can’t — and shouldn’t.

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Views and tips from traditional to online publishing

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Or classical salt and pepper, as usual?

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And other delightful writerly quirks

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You ache to write whenever you read.

And then, you ache to read whenever you write.

Ivery del Campo

Mother of two, wife to a chef. I teach literature and write about the beach:

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